Crikey, this week has gone quickly!  Maybe that’s because I spent it on the shores of the lovely Lake Garda in Italy, where the highlight of the week was …


The view from my hotel room

Or maybe it was the fabulous trip to the Frantoio Montecroce grove where we saw the full production process, tasted gorgeous Extra Virgin Olive Oils and some pretty tasty wines:


Back of the class as usual, that’s me with the lilac trousers on!


Although of course the highlight could also have been the afternoon strolls into Desenzano del Garda for a coffee by the waterside:


Beautiful Desenzano

Or even tasting over 45 fabulous EVOOs Anonymoustasting

But I’ve got to confess I suspect the highlight of the week was …


Receiving my diploma from IRVEA Executive Director Mauro Martelossi

There were 13 of us on the course from: Wales (me!), France, Italy, Argentina, Lithuania, Denmark, France, Spain, Canada, USA, Turkey, China and Australia.

In addition to Olive Oil tasting and learning about production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from branch to bottle, we had a great cookery demonstration, visited an olive grove and a vineyard and enjoyed a lot of delicious food.  A big thank you to the tutors and team at The Olive Oil Academy and I’m looking forward to sharing some of what I’ve learnt with you all in the coming weeks.