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There are thousands of recipes for mayonnaise and many of you will have your own favourite.  I confess though I’ve never really been tempted to make mayo as we don’t use it very often.  However, as part of the Olive Oil Sommelier course in Italy, Mauro ran a session on food pairing with EVOO and whipped up this mayonnaise in a matter of minutes.  It’s truly the simplest thing to make and this recipe is absolutely delicious.  I’m sure it’s also an old family recipe, handed down from generation to generation – just not my family though! MayoIngred


1 egg

½ lemon

A generous pinch of salt

2 drops of white vinegar

A lightly flavoured EVOO or mixture of 2 oils to produce the flavour you want


Using a stick hand blender whisk all the ingredients together, adding the EVOO slowly until emulsified and the thickness you like. MayoEVOOBowl

Did I mention this was easy?!

At this point you can add whatever else you fancy – crushed garlic, black pepper, chopped capers, finely chopped salad onions, grated lemon zest …..

This is great in a sandwich with thickly cut fresh bread, a selection of lettuce leaves (including rocket) and roasted veggies such as red peppers, tomatoes, onions and garlic.


Lunch anyone?

Send me your favourite mayonnaise recipe and I can give it a go.  Confession time – I used the Oriole that I featured in my blog recently and the flavour was a little overpowering for mayo, fortunately as I was tasting as I went along (not as often as I should have done though!) I managed to rescue it by adding some Olivia oil (also featured here) which is much milder and fruitier.  The finished result was fabulous.  Don’t be afraid to mix your oils guys.

Until tomorrow, happy EVOOing (new word?)