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Whilst there are many different variations on this basic dish of bread with tomato and olive oil, known as Tostado con tomate y aceite de oliva in the region of Andalucía where we’ve been living (pa am tomàquet in Barcelona), I’m amazed that it isn’t more widely enjoyed in the UK as the ingredients are all readily available and it’s healthy, refreshing and infinitely adaptable. We do have a bit of a thing perhaps about sweet breakfasts but there’s even an answer to that in the nearby coastal town of Barbate. But I’ll get to that in a minute. 

The basic recipe calls for bread – rolls, ciabatta style, baguette, white, wholemeal, pretty much any bread you want except sliced loaf bread, although I think fresh flat  soft rolls are best. Cut the roll in half and toast on the cut side only.
Serve warm with a bottle of good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a small bowl of very finely chopped fresh tomato (I use a mezzaluna and ripe, red tomatoes at room temperature) for diners to make up their own proportions. You can sprinkle the tomatoes with fresh or dried oregano if you like.  Usually the bread is stabbed all over with a knife, lashings of EVOO drizzled over, followed by the tomato and sea salt. Being a bit of a girlie, I tear mine into two-bite sized pieces before adding the EVOO etc. as described above. Usually this is served with a strong café con leche (espresso with hot milk) and maybe a freshly squeezed orange juice. Ah, can’t you just smell ‘holidays’? 

Variations include simply rubbing the toasted bread with a peeled and cut garlic clove and half a tomato before sprinkling with EVOO. And, although I’d heard it’s popular I’ve never seen this served anywhere except Barbate (where General Franco used to spend his holidays apparently!) – extra virgin olive oil and HONEY! Seriously, give this a try it’s genuinely really good – especially if you need a sweet hit first thing in the morning, and the EVOO will still be good for you!