Hello and Welcome,

My name is Karen and I’m passionate about EVOO, AOVE – Extra Virgin Olive Oil in other words!  When I say I’m passionate about it, I just can’t get enough of the stuff, which is funny really because I can’t abide greasy things.  So you’d think that me and Olive Oil weren’t natural buddies, but you’d be wrong.  Good quality, extra virgin, the first pressing of liquid gold, unadulterated oil – pure magic.  It’s oily for sure, but not greasy.

You may have heard all sorts of wonderful claims for the health benefits of Olive Oil and a Mediterranean Diet – and for the most part you’d be right in thinking that it really is a wonder product.  BUT, all the health claims, benefits and excitement centre predominantly on Extra Virgin (or Virgen Extra as it’s called in Spain where I spend a lot of my time).  Next best is Virgin Olive Oil, then Olive Oil and all the other stuff – Refined Olive Oil, Olive Pomace Oil won’t do you any harm, but they won’t do you as much good as you might assume.  It’s all to do with the polyphenols.

I’m not an expert.  As the tagline to this blog says, I’m  a taster, consumer and cook who’s on a mission to know more.  And to that end I’m reading, learning, attending workshops, visiting producers and most importantly of all – tasting and using – as much oil as I can get my hands on.  As of today (7th February 2017) I know very, little about who to trust, what I like, how to avoid buying pretty labels with no substance to the product inside.  But I’m going to learn and it’s a journey that will take me all over the world both figuratively and in person and I’ll be sharing what I learn with you along the way.

So, if you’re interested in your health, worried about what exactly is in the bottle, concerned about fraudulent claims, fancy learning what to taste for and how to replace other oils in your kitchen with healthy olive oil  then come along for the ride – it’s great to have you on board.  Let’s swap stories, share our experiences and have some fun along the way.



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